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Things You Should Know About Parking Sensors and Reverse Cams


Modern technology has made our car to become more efficient, safer and smarter. It is more convenient for us to use the car, because we can prevent things that may damage the car and cost us money. Various safety and security enhancements should increase the comfort of driving. Judging by recent trends, the overall technology will become even better. The significant competition in the market has encouraged manufacturers to provide new features not available on the competing models. These features may not be too sophisticated, but can still improve the comfort of driving. Among relatively amazing additions to recent cars are reverse cameras and parking sensors. Previously available on luxury cars, these features are now found on standard cars, which is a very good thing if you want to have cars with good value.

Sensors are usually placed at rear bumpers, which represent blind sports during reverse driving. These sensors are shaped like small coins and they emit ultrasonic waves to detect the presence of various objects. The car is also equipped with an integrated computer processor than interprets that data that it obtains from the sensor. In large cities, parking spaces are limited and cramped. People squeeze their cars to small spaces if they want to get their cars parked. You will be warned when an object is dangerously close to your car when you are reversing. The sensor provides information about the distance to the object, so the driver can carefully determine whether they can still reverse their cars just a little bit.

However, no system is without shortcomings and parking sensors are not different. These sensors are based on the use of ultrasonic waves to judge the distance between an object and the car bumper. Unfortunately, this method of sensing an obstacles isn’t one hundred percent accurate. Narrow poles may not be large enough to reflect sufficient among of ultrasonic waves and they could become undetectable. This also applies to suspended objects that are outside the scope of the sensor. It’s mostly working for objects with large width, such as walls and other cars. To counter this problem, the car can be equipped with reverse cam, so any object can be visually detected by the driver. Reverse cams are located at the rear part of the vehicle.

Even if the driver turns his head around, there are could still be blind spots that hide some objects from view. When choosing a car with reverse cam, make sure that it has wide angle feature, so you can see a lot more. When this feature is enabled, a small LCD display will show things that are located behind your car. Some cars are also equipped with night-view feature, so you can still any object in low-light situations. When the gear is put into reverse, the glow of the reverse light should provide enough illumination. So, you should also make sure that the reverse light is brighter than on normal cars. By using both features, it can be assured that you won’t hit anything behind your car.