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What is Background Check?


Background check is a common activity in legal proceedings. It’s an intensive investigation that involves many factors, such as ownership, assets, financial details and many more. Other than checking documents, investigators also need to interview relevant individuals. A proper background check will leave no stone unturned. As an example, background check could be performed on people at high level positions. A complete compilation of questions will be gathered before the background check begins. When background check is performed by the government agency, the national crime information computer could be accessed to get more information about the subject. In the United States, such a computer system is maintained by the FBI and only law enforcement agencies can access it.

If you are being subjected to a background check, you need to make sure that it’s legally performed. There are some personal details that people can’t find out.

  • Banking and financial records: Often, records of assets are obtained during background check. However, for very limited reasons, it’s absolutely illegal to get banking information. Banking information can be obtained only if the subject agrees to signs the waiver.
  • Obtaining social security number information: It is illegal for anyone to divulge their active social security number along with the relevant information. It means, it’s also illegal for any investigator to do the same. In reality, social security information has been used by people to blackmail, coerce and harass victims, so it needs to be protected at all times.

Normally, a background check can be used to confirm the basic identity of the subject, such as name, addresses, date of birth, aliases, workplaces, phone numbers, co-workers, criminal records and others. Most of the time, the information can be obtained easily in the state database. If you want to hire a private investigator, he/she could charge basic fee for a single state. However, the fee will increase if information needs to be obtained from multiple states. It’s a good idea to work with private investigators who have access to the database, which contain accurate and relevant information. Private investigators should have the knowledge, experience and training to perform accurate and competent background check. Many times, background check is used to make judgment on employment decisions and court actions, as well as various financial reasons. With poor understanding on background information, it is possible that you will end up making incorrect judgment.

Investing some amount of money on good private investigator could make some business owners to feel somewhat reluctant. However, this could be one of the most important decisions that they can make. It is important to make sure that you are working with the right individuals. This is especially true if the person will assume a high position in the company. You need to make sure that the person is responsible enough. If problems do arise, information obtained from the background check can be used for various court proceedings purposes. So, it will save time and money to do this much earlier.