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Trip to Washington DC: 5 Beautiful Sights for Car Travelers


When we talk about the USA, we often mean Washington DC, since it’s one of the main strategic American cities. However, in addition to its political importance, it’s also a huge cultural and educational center, where some of the country’s best museums, galleries, universities and architectural monuments are located.

This article focuses on the major sights of Washington DC. If you are going to travel there by a rental vehicle, then simply enter the address of the desired place in the navigator to get to it quickly. Need to book a car? With Payless car rental at BWI Airport you’ll get a large selection of vehicles along with reasonable prices and fast service, which make your future trip to Washington DC as pleasant and convenient as possible.

National Mall

The National Mall in Washington is a magnificent park, on the vast territory of which there are the most significant historical monuments of the American capital – this is one of the most popular tourist sites in the city.

At the initial planning of the city, instead of the park, there should have been a huge street with the length of more than 2 kilometers and the width of about 120 meters. However, the project was changed, thus a huge open park appeared, around which many state institutions were built later.

Walks, picnics, a variety of entertainment made the National Mall one of the most beloved and popular holiday destinations among the locals – it’s always crowded, noisy and fun.

Address: National Mall, Washington, DC


United States Capitol

The erection of this landmark building for the USA in the Empire style, with huge columns, porticos and a huge dome was started by George Washington himself in 1793. However, the construction was delayed for several decades, during which the building was rebuilt, reconstructed and expanded.

It was the Capitol that was the basis for planning the District of Columbia, its geographical center, and it divided the city into four quadrants. Conventionally, the Capitol consists of two parts – the southern and northern one. There is a law in the District of Columbia, according to which the construction of buildings higher than the Capitol is prohibited within the district.

Therefore, in Washington there are no skyscrapers. All of them are already outside the county, on the other side of the Potomac River, on which the city stands, in Arlington, Roslyn and Alexandria.

Address: First St SE, Washington, DC


Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

This is one of the most popular places in Washington. Having acquired its own special building, the museum was officially opened in 1976, and now it’s currently the most popular technology museum in the world.

This research center has assembled the largest collection of aircraft. Most of the exhibits are unique and are genuine historical rarities. The collection clearly introduces the history of flights, starting with Chinese kites and ending with huge liners. The first showpiece was the Stringfellow Aviation Steam Engine, which is still kept in the museum. Also there’s the Wright Brothers glider, on which they completed their first flight.

A large number of military equipment was received by the museum after the World War II and the Korean War. The entrance to the museum is free of charge, and almost every exhibit can be touched with your own hands.

Address: 600 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC


Hillwood Museum and Gardens

Another attraction that will be interesting to visit in Washington is the Hillwood Museum and Gardens. Many of the most valuable works of art have found a permanent refuge in the collection of Marjorie Post, who created this museum on the basis of a mansion in Rock Creek Park.

Even then, Post planned to make a museum inside, and a beautiful garden around, connecting the traditions of different countries.

Many exhibits, including porcelain, and Faberge eggs, were previously in the Hermitage. The fund of the museum impresses with a variety of exhibits. In addition to a large collection of things from Italy, Post collected some works of art from France. The doors of the museum were opened in 1977. The stunning gardens of the mansion were founded in 1950, when the Post hired the best specialists to style the existing gardens.

Address: 4155 Linnean Ave NW, Washington, DC


United States Botanic Garden

The garden is located not far from the Capitol and is the most beautiful landmark of Washington DC, where those who truly love the beauty of nature have a good time. The complex is divided into thematic areas and everyone will like it: both ordinary tourists and botanists.

There really is something to explore. You can find out what grows in the desert, and what in the tropics. The pristine landscapes, the orchid garden and the territory with endangered species are especially popular among visitors.

The saturation of the garden with the plants wasn’t performed quickly, but the U.S. research expedition significantly helped. Live plants and seeds from the expedition became the core of the Botanical Garden. Subsequently, seeds to create a collection were brought from around the world. As a result, more than 60 thousand plants grow in the garden.

Address: 100 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC