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The Right Way Of Replacing Fascia Boards

The Right Way Of Replacing Fascia Boards

With time everything wears off, and that is true for gutters and fascia boards too! As they are placed outside your home they are more prone to damage due to weathering. Fascia boards along with soffits hold the guttering in place and protects the edges of the roof, sometimes known as roofline.

With time, when rot sets in, it’s best to replace them with new ones.It might seem that the task is tedious. It is true especially if you have a property that is large.

Still, if you follow few simple steps then you can find that replacing the fascia will not be tough. Once replaced, they will be holding the guttering like earlier.

1- Get the Right Fascia Boards

Fascia boards can be made up of various materials, like aluminum, uPVC and wood. The most common fascia boards is uPVC, these won’t need replacing as often and can be kept clean regularly whereas wood is prone to rotting. It is important you get the right measurements so that you purchase the right amount of timber products or uPVC that will be required for changing the boards. Along with that you need to arrange for various tools that will be required for changing the board.

While you replace the board you have the chance to change the design of the fascia as well as the guttering. If you study the market you will find that there are various kind of boards available.

2- Remove guttering

The next step in replacing fascia boards is removing the guttering. Normally, clips are used for holding the guttering in place upon the boards. With the help of right tool you have to pull out those grips so that it’s easy to remove the gutter.

Instead of removing the whole part of the fascia altogether it is best that you replace one section at a time as there can be many parts connected. Sometimes the gutters may be long and thus instead of doing everything all by yourself it is best to get a helping hand. The best idea is to have a partner while you do the task.

3- Cutting the Fascia

The next step is crucial as you will be removing the rotten or old fascia so that you can place new fascia boards in place of the old one. For this the roofing has to be lifted off. Then you can cut the fascia effectively. For this you have to remove the nails from the roof that comes along the way on the old fascia. You have to push the roofing and place a timber block there in order to maintain the gap. If there are any guttering brackets then you have to remove it at this stage.

In order to remove the rotten section of the fascia at first you have to put a line from where the fascia board will be cut. You have to choose the closest position because after removing you have to place the new one and nail it to the roof too.

The Right Way Of Replacing Fascia Boards

While cutting the fascia you may take help of a saw blade and set it up in such way that it’s easy to cut it from the existing position. While cutting this make sure that you have taken care of the previous sections as you will need the room for safety.

During this process you can also check the condition of the gutter, you may find that your guttering is still in good condition a deep clean of the guttering will get it looking as good as new. If you notice things like cracks or worn areas then the gutter needs replacing, you can purchase guttering and install it yourself or find a gutter installation team.

Once you have cut the fascia now it’s time to remove them safely. You can use a wrecking bar to detach the fascia from the base. You need to be very careful.

4- Place New Fascia

Now that you have successfully removed the old boards it’s time to place the new boards at the right position. Make sure that you have nailed them properly in position. Depending whether you are doing a full refit or just repairing a section of fascia there could be a distinction between the new and the old fascia board so for  this you have to use sand paper and polish the surface of the both the fascia properly. Then you have to color it add a layer of protection.

You will find that everything looks new now! Before painting you need to remember that you still have the job of putting the gutters at the right place and nail them properly.

Ending the Note

By following this method you can replace the fascia boards but remember that as you are not experts there may be some error. If you love working things yourself you can always try that. Otherwise it is best that you seek help from professionals.