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What Factors Are to Be Considered While Buying a Washing Machine?

buying a washing machine

The importance of the washing machine in the home is fundamental. From the person who lives alone to a large family, it is an appliance present in almost all Indian homes and which allows you to be independent in washing clothes and personal garments.

To carefully evaluate the most important elements before going to the store to buy it, you need to understand its operation and its fundamental characteristics. It is advisable to play on the safe and ask the plumber to install a washing machine. This is to ensure that if there is a problem with your washing machine due to faulty installation – the installer bears no responsibility. Some housing companies require a washing machine to be installed by a professional.

Usually, the bathrooms have a drain and water connection ready, so you can install the washing machine yourself. If this is your first time installing these machines, ask a relative or friend who has installed washing machines before. When choosing a washing machine for yourself, find out what features your washing machine needs. Think about the size of the machine that fits your laundry load, as constantly washing the under-powered ones in the oversized washing machine is a waste.

Check the energy consumption figures of the energy label to compare the machines. The energy label provides information on the energy efficiency class of the washing machine, the annual electricity and water consumption, the filling amount, the spin efficiency and the sound level. You can also compare washing machines by checking the washing machine brands featured in buying guides for washing machine available on the internet.

Checklist for washing machine selection

  • Get the right size washing machine: think about how much laundry you need and what space the machine needs to fit.
  • Energy Labeling: Labeling helps you compare the energy performance of your machines by indicating consumption figures, washing and spinning power.
  • Rinse: find out if the machine has an additional rinse function.
  • Spin Capacity: Effective spin removal reduces the residual moisture in the laundry and speeds up drying.
  • Washing programs: Machines are marketed with countless washing programs, find out the functions you need.
  • Sound: There are differences in the volume of the machines, compare the decibels reported.
  • Usability: Is the door handle replaceable and how easy is it to clean the detergent drawer?

Buyer information for Washing Machine

Measure the washing machine according to the amount of laundry and the washing frequency. If you wash frequently and a little at a time, or if the condominium has a communal laundry, even a smaller washing machine will suffice. Top-loading washing machines provide advantages for those with space problems in the home, being very small in size.

A washing machine with a filling capacity of 8 kg or more is suitable for a family with large loads of laundry. For smaller households, a 5 to 7 kg machine is more suitable. Narrow washing machines, which are mostly refillable, hold the least amount of laundry. Do not buy a machine that is too large as it is uneconomic to wash less than a machine. Of course, smaller quantities can also be washed with volume automation and under fill functions.

The internet has some of the best portal and guides to get the best washing machines for your home and laundry. The upper tips to consider in mind must be taken precisely. A washing machine is a onetime investment for at least 10 years and you would not like to spend your money to be wasted in vain.

The best washing machine should be durable and reliable. The process of the machines varies according to their working method. Whichever washing machine you choose, you always choose a model that suits your washing habits. For example, the number of people in the household who want to wash dirty laundry will determine the size of the washing drum or the fill weight.