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TOP Popular Vehicles For Your Family Road Trip


If you already have kids, it can be rather difficult for you to travel. Nevertheless, many people don’t find it problematic to travel with kids and whole families. Where to go? Of course, traveling with kids you should learn the routes and pick one, the most interesting for your family. While skimming websites and jumping from one travel agency to another you suddenly realize that it is impossible to travel with a good family car. Easirent in Orlando will help you with picking a vehicle where your family feels the most comfortable during the trip.


You need a car where you will spend the most of your time! If you are not sure about what you want, you can ask for some solid and professional recommendations from a rental company. Renting a car online, pay attention on its size, technical characteristics, cargo capacity. Focus on the features that matter most to parents:

  • Safety

  • Value

  • Company’s reputation

  • Fit of child safety car seats

Loved the Rental Car


Set a budget

When looking for a car for you family trip, think of the budget first. No doubts, the vehicle depends on your budget limit. Just define your target price and look through the available cars. Don’t expect for a low-price car if you travel with a family of 5.Mind it!

Don’t limit the choice with a single model

Try not to limit your choice with a car model you like the most. It often happens that your emotions rule the game. Instead, it is better to focus on vehicles that better suit your needs. You can drive a variety of cars! Ask for a test drive if you can’t choose.

Safety is a priority

Of course, you try to pick a car large enough to hold your stuff and passengers. Picking the right car, don’t forget about the car safety features. The modern cars are equipped with hands-free control, voice command, and rearview cameras. Check it before you rent a car.

Honda Accord Break


  1. Ford Fusion

This is a good choice for any family. Of course, if you are interested in a large and comfortable car with enough space for your luggage and good fuel economy. There are many different Fusion versions. They all are comfortable with large back seats and a big trunk. The car interior is well made and stylish. Check the price at the web. The rental price is reasonable for such a safe family transport. The car has comfortable back seats, airbags, automatic headlights, and USB music for your comfort.

  1. Honda Accord

Meet the car that is full of advantages, especially for family travelers. First of all, the car is equipped with a cruise control, navigation system, stylish and fresh interior. This is the right car if you are looking for a sedan of mid-size. The gas mileage is impressive because every Accord has a good fuel economy. If you need a larger car, you can try Accord Hybrid with even more benefits for family travelers. Among them are the blind spot monitoring, keyless access, button start and a huge screen at a driver’s dashboard to control the comfort of you passengers and all the car processes.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Diesel - Review

  1. Jeep Cherokee

If you want to rent the largest car for your trip, think of renting a camper van. But if you don’t like the idea of driving a smart home, you can pick a Jeep. Jeep Cherokee is a large off-roading SUV, perfect for any road. Modern Jeep has a sleek design and stylish interior. It is compact and modernly equipped. The car can boast the excellent fuel economy, powerful engine, large trunk, and much space for all the passengers. You can rent this car when you are a family of 5. The latest version comes with leather interior, seats heating, head and side airbags, automatic climate control, and many more useful facilities.

  1. Hyundai Tucson

Looking for a good family car, pay attention to the latest Hyundai models. Tucson is probably the best and compact crossover. Even if you don’t like driving SUVs, you should try Hyundai. The latest its version is known of its smooth ride, good fuel economy, and affordable rental price. Of course, the car is equipped with all the modern facilities which add more comfort to your passengers.

You shouldn’t stay at home just because you have a big family. Even if you are family of 5 you can rent a SUV and hit the road with comfort. With a little research and good planning you can find a good car that is practical and maximum comfortable for your next trip. Don’t forget about sale coupons and special car rental offers. Also, less popular cars usually have big sales.