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What to Do About Frequent Condensation Inside Your Windows


One of the most annoying things about water is that it can collect on the inside of your windows. When this happens, it can make it difficult to see out of the window. You also may find yourself having items damaged or mold growing due to the condensation. Here are a few suggestions for helping to rid yourself of inside condensation on the windows throughout your home.

Cut Back on the Humidifier

One of the worst practices that can get condensation to build-up on your interior windows is using a humidifier too frequently. Take a moment to analyze your humidifier usage. If you have multiple humidifiers or you tend to use them throughout the entire day, cut back on their usage. If you notice a decrease in the condensation that appears on your windows, you’ll know that your humidifier is the reason and you can cut back to an amount of usage that is ideal for your home.

Use Moisture Eliminators

A dehumidifier is a popular type of moisture eliminator that you can use in your home. However, they can be bulky and make lots of noise. To avoid these annoyances, you can use other moisture eliminator products. These commonly are found in bucket and bag styles. The idea is to set the small bucket on the floor of the room or hang the bag in a closet or on a shelf. The bucket or bag will collect water over time and can be disposed of or dumped out when it gets full.

Have a Window Insulation Kit Installed

When it comes to eliminating the condensation problem, a window insulation kit is your best option. You can have a professional glazier install a window insulation kit on the interior of your home windows. They do make these kits for exterior window use as well. However, realize the exterior window insulation kits won’t help to reduce your condensation problem. Only the interior insulation kits will help eliminate condensation.

Circulate Your Air

By using ceiling and other types of fans you can circulate the air within your home. This circulation will help to push the hot air back down towards the floor. This will work to keep the air near your windows at an appropriate temperature to avoid condensation issues.

Condensation can be a big problem in your home. If your interior windows experience condensation regularly, you may want to employ some of the practices above to eliminate your problem. Realize that you may need to use a combination of tactics to fully eliminate the condensation in your home.


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