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How to Plan ONE DAY Trip in 5 Easy Steps!


Road trip gives you a freedom of choice. You can always choose where to go and what to see. For example, you are lucky if your journey starts from Brisbane, This is the best city in Australia you can start your day trip from. Brisbane airport rental car companies always give you a big choice of cars, including outlanders and family vans. Traveling through Australia, Canada, USA, try to rent big powerful cars. They are what you really need to cross the mountain road or a sandy beach. You can explore walking trails and wildlife areas. Kangaroos, koalas, parrots, and other creatures are within reach! You just have to plan your one-day trip beforehand to do everything you want.

Making Plans


1. Make plan!

If you want to have a perfect trip, you have to plan it in the best way. Planning is a must when you have just a day for your trip. Know where you are going! Try to plan all future stops to see the most interesting places on your way. Of course, spontaneous stops often happen. You can fine-tune your plan on the go, changing or adding something. It would be great to rent a car with GPS navigator so that you will never lose your way. GPS is not enough! Try to buy a paper map with detail and directions to write on it and make corrections. Learn the route and count miles carefully. One-day trip is limited in time. But you can save some more time and buy a one-way rental to stop your journey where you want and take a flight from the last station.

2. Inspect vehicle

If you decided to rent a vehicle for a trip, you can read the information about it on the company’s website. Do you trust to the company’s mechanic? Ask to inspect the car in front of you. Don’t be lazy to check tires, oil and gas indicators, windows, and mirrors. Try to see if there any scratches and shatters. It is important to point out all obvious problems in the rental contract. It helps to avoid fees from the rental company and have a safe and enjoyable trip. If something goes wrong with your car on the road, you have to waste much time to wait for road-side assistance or a new car. Be far-seeing!

3. Find co-travelers

If you are not an experienced traveler and don’t want to travel alone, you can ask your friends to go with you. If you are a young or underage driver, you also have to think of a second in-command to share driving. Make sure your co-travelers are good and responsible people. You may face many problems, arising on the road. Nothing can break your friendship and spoil your vacation.

International Friendship

4. Pack emergency kit

Do you think that a one-day road trip doesn’t need much attention? It would be great if you trip would go smoothly. But you need an emergency kit with all basic medications in your car even for a one-day journey. Planning to travel for more than a day, check the list of medications and add many more MUST HAVE preparations. But medications are not enough when you are having a road trip in winter. You should pack a special winter kit that includes warm clothes, blankets, hot drinks, some food and water. Having a nature trip, you may face emergency situations when your phone is out of order or you cannot find the shop in a new foreign city. You need a flashlight, extra batteries, water supply. Of course, you are not a paranoid, just trying to be well-organized and prepared.

Earthquake Survival Kit

5. Keep your feet on the ground

It doesn’t mean that you have to leave your car and continue your trip by foot. Not at all! It’s about being realistic about what you do and where you go. Learn the destination carefully. If the rote consists of many interesting place, one day is not enough to stop and see all of them. Your trip will be fast and not complete. Be creative. Try to find some time to stop at one place or another within reason.

That’s amazing that you have time for traveling. Even a one-day trip usually takes more efforts than you may think. Planning is everything. You have to think it over and decide which car to pick and how many people you take with you. Make sure your timing allows taking pauses for sudden stops, picnics, games or even a short sleep. Don’t neglect safety: a second driver, GPS, emergency kit, rental contacts. And remember, if you are going to visit any of Australian cities that are full of interesting places, don’t try to visit them all! One day is not enough! Make your trip longer or pick two-four the most interesting places nearby to visit in one breath.